Effort Reporting System

The University of California Office of the President, in partnership with the five largest UC campuses (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSF, UCSD and UC Davis), has developed a new web-based effort reporting system (ERS) that replaces the existing paper-based personnel activity report (PAR) system.

Salaries represent the largest direct cost component on sponsored projects, and effort reporting processes are under scrutiny by the Office of Inspector General. This system reduces the compliance risks inherent in the process and protects campuses from sizeable audit disallowances and the loss of federal funding, which could be consequences of having an ineffective ERS.

It displays effort-report detail that is clear and understandable to the user; captures certification electronically so  the system can monitor completion and provide an audit trail; provides a simple method of correcting and re-certifying reports; and notifies individuals and departments of reporting deadline requirements.

System Access is granted to users from a UC Merced IP address only. Remote connection will require use of UC Merced VPN service.

ERS Logon (Please use your UCMNet ID)

First-time users, please use the link provided on the logon page to obtain password using your UCMNet ID.

ERS Reporting Schedule

​Semester Reporting Period Adjustment Period ​ERS Availability ​ERS Certification Deadline
​Summer Period (June-August) ​August ​October ​November
​Fall Period (August-December) ​January-February ​March ​April
​Spring Period (January-May) ​June-July ​August ​September