Uniform Guidance Now Available In Federal Register

The interim joint final rule implementing the Uniform Guidance (UG) is now available in Federal Register (Vol. 79, No. 244, Friday, December 19, 2014).
It is effective for new awards and for selected funding increments, issued on or after December 26, 2014. The 240-page Federal Register notice is structured with introductory comments at the beginning followed by a listing of the technical corrections/amendments (pages 75878 through 75889). The UG, itself, will be updated to reflect the technical corrections/amendments at 2 CFR 200. The bulk and the remainder of the Federal Register notice is a posting of each Agency’s implementation plan. COGR is conducting initial analysis and will share more detailed analysis after the Holiday break.
There is a 60-day comment period. Comments must be submitted to OMB through www.regulations.gov no later than midnight EST on February 17, 2015. For general information, please contact Victoria Collin or Gil Tran at the OMB Office of Federal Financial Management, 175 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20500, or via telephone at (202) 395–3993.
While COGR does not expect to comment with the same level of detail that we have in the past, we will comment on selected topics.  PLEASE NOTE, the UG is being released as an “interim joint final rule,” which still requires a public comment period to be offered. However, the effective date remains December 26, 2014. The 60-day comment period is standard federal protocol and gives the community one last opportunity to address issues/oversights/egregious errors that still may be of concern.
We will keep you posted on all developments, including any recommendations we may have for submitting letters during the public comment period.
David Kennedy
Director, Cost Policy - COGR
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