General FAQ

Q. Where Do I Find UC Merced MSP Grades?

A. Online

Q. How do I sign up for UC Merced staff trainings?

​A. To view, enroll in or drop your enrollment from Business and Financial Services training classes, please click on the BFS Training link below.​

Q. I cannot log onto the Effort Reporting System. Why?

A. Access to all of our financial systems is limited to the IP address originating from UC Merced locations. If you connect while away from the office you must first connect to UC Merced Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please call the UC Merced IT help desk at 228-HELP for assistance with VPN.

What is a UCMNet ID?

A. The UCMNet ID is the common sign-in name used across UC Merced applications. Typically, it is your email alias. For example, the UCMNet ID for Mike Smith would be msmith.